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  • Popular Questions 3
  •   [Log in] I have forgotten my ID and password.
  •   1. How to find your ID.
    1) Click ‘Find ID’ in the Log in section of Dragon Village website.
    2) Type in your nickname and click ‘Search.’ Part of your ID pertaining to the nickname will appear.
    3) Only parts of your ID is shown for privacy protection reasons.

    2. How to find your PW.
    An email will be sent to the email address registered in your Dragon Village ID.
    If the registered email address doesn’t exist or is not used, you will not be able to find your ID.

    1) Click ‘Find PW’ in the Log in sectio of Dragon Village website.
    2) Type in the email address form of your Dragon Village ID and click ‘Search.’
    3) A password change email will be sent to you. If you have not received the email, check your junk emails or try the steps above again. If your email address is a company email, the company’s system could be blocking the email. In that case, please contact your company’s system administrator.
  •   [Etc] I want to know about data restoration regulations.
  •   If it is a case of error in the game itself, Dragon Village 2, for example, disapearance or change of items or game money, we will do our best to restore your game.
    However, in case of the following conditions, retoration of your data can be limited.

    1. If the reported item/game money does not exist in the game or is impossible to secure objective evidence.
    2. If the problem occured because of the user’s carelessness, own purpose, or mistake and not from a technical error in the game or the company’s attributable reasons.

    1. If we verifiy your restoration request to be false, your account may be limited to services or permanently deactivated.
    2. Restoration request must be sent by the user with the error and the request will not be processed if it came from a third person.
    3. Restoration request must be sent within 15 days since the disappearance of item/game money. After 15 days, user’s records are deleted and restoration becomes impossible.
    4. A sucessfully entered restoration request will be processed in the order of procedure.
    5. Send in your request through customer service in Dragon Village website.
    6. For smooth restoration, please log out of the game before contacting us.

    Information to provide for restoration request.
    1. Dragon Village 2 log out status
    2. Dragon Village 2 ID (integrated) and nickname
    3. Parts to be restored
  •   [Log in] What is an integrated account?
  •   Highbrow ‘integrated’ account allows you to play all games serviced by highbrow with a single ID.

    If you make an integrated ID, there is no need to create an account for every game.

    You can just log in and play. Games include Dragon Village 1, Dragon Village 2, Zombie Slash and Three Kingdoms.
  •   [Payment] Refund policy

    Purchasable In-App items within the Applications published by highbrow can be separated into ‘Refundable’ and ‘Non-refundable’ items according to domestic laws in Korea (Consumer protection Act, Contents Industry Promotion Act).

    1. For ‘Refundable in app items’, Our customer can request a refund with phone call or e-mail within 7 days of purchase. Unused in App item ONLY. (Recall items and cancel the purchase)

    2. In App item refund will be limited when

    ①If purchased in app item is single-item

    ②If purchased in app item automatically applies to the system right away

    ③If purchased in app item includes additional benefit, and when that benefit has been already used

    ④Partial item of bundle or package type in app item has been used

    ⑤the purchase item is a capsule or probability type item which its utility determined when opened or available to see its unsealing moment by using it.

    3. When underaged customer made a purchase without the permission of their legal guardian, In app purchase can be canceled or refunded by the legal guardian unless the purchased item is fully used or its utility has completed.

    Whether the in app item buyer is a minor or not will be determined by the contracted name of purchase instrument such as mobile device or credit card.

  •   [DV2] How long does an ancient portal stay open?
  •   Anciant portal stays open for 30 minutes and after, it closes. Complete it those 30 minutes!!

  •   [DV2] How do I find my second password??
  •   Log in to your account and go to tamer info and click ‘Second password.’ Type in the email address that you enrolled for the account and a second password will be sent to that address. *Check your junk mailbox if you didn’t receive 2nd password mail.

  •   [Etc] I can’t trasfer/summon dragons.
  •   You can use the transfer system which sends dragons from DV1 to DV2 in egg state.

    You will need an integrated ID to transfer.

    If each of your accounts are linked to two different integrated ID, they cannot be transfered. Dragons above level 20 can be transfered as eggs from DV 1 to DV2.
  •   [Log in] I want to change my email.
  •   Dragon Village 2 does not receive any personal information other than email address.

    There is no authentication process with email address; however, please type in your email address as it cannot be changed.

    In accordance with the user’s agreement, the company does not have any responsibility for mishaps due to usage of fake email accounts or email accounts of others.
  •   [Log in] Can I delete my account and create a same one?
  •   You cannot not reuse the ID that was deleted. You will need to create a new and different ID to play again.
  •   [DV2] I didn’t receive rewards from daily treasure box in my mailbox.
  •   Since the 1.1.3 version update, daily treasure box items are sent directly to your inventory (bag).
  •   [DV2] What do the colors of items means?
  •   Normal - grey, Magic - white, Rare - green, Unique - yellow, Epic - red
  •   [DV2] My friend gifted me balloons but I can’t receive anymore.
  •   The maximum number of balloons you can keep is 10. If you don’t pop them yourself, they will not disappear.
  •   [DV2] I purchased Blessed Nest but I don’t see it in my inventory
  •   Blessed nest is automatically applied the moment you purchase it.

    Blessed nest gives your newborn dragons +0.6 grade (HP+8/ATK+2/DEF+2)
  •   [DV2] What are some of the combinations for buff potions?
  •   Energy shot + Earth Essence = HP Potion
    Energy shot + Wind Essence = BLK Potion
    Energy shot + Water Essence = DEF Potion
    Energy shot + Fire Essence = ATK Potion
    Energy shot + Light Essence = EVD Potion
    Energy shot + Dark Essence = CRI Potion
  •   [DV2] Why does the Tower of Light change its color?
  •   If you match the one of your dragons to take on the adventure with the color of the light from Tower of Light, you will be able to see the boss monster, Light Orb.

    Regardless of levels, if you have one dragon with matching element, the condition is fulfilled.

    Ex. Tower of Light is purple - one of your dragons has to be darkness
    Red - fire, brown - earth, blue - water, green - wind, yellow - light, purple - darkness, white - holy, black - chaos
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