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2018-01-11 18:19:33

Hello tamers.

I’m GM Silver

Here’s a pop quiz for veteran tamer like you!

Take a quiz, correct answer, get reward!


2018. 1. 11 ~ 2018. 1. 25 (GMT +9)


100 Diamonds for 5 genius tamers.


Quiz for DV1 tamers only

Leave your nickname with answers


1. Read following description and choose the dragon

Ancient King of all dragons who existed long ago.

Angra was a brave king who fought against Kades but it got sealed by God because of its arrogant personality.

Recently, seal got weakened by the light and darkness war  and now it is getting ready to open its eye again.

  1. Nepenthes

  2. Angra

  3. Hapla

  4. Necromancer

2. What is the name of explorer of Utahkhan?

  1. Jackson

  2. Nelson

  3. Johnson

  4. Sampson

3. Where is the place Leona slept?

  1. Estella

  2. Sky Realm

  3. Wind Temple

  4. Cave

4. Check following sample and choose the name of dragon


  1. God Dragon

  2. Frost Dragon

  3. Citaell

  4. Ligon

Good luck!



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