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[DV1] Prove your dragon

Show me Lv.20 dragon

Event duration2018.05.14 ~ 2018.05.28

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[DV1] Prove your dragon
2018-05-14 18:27:16

Hello tamers

As you know, new dragons arrival.

Isn't it cool?

Post your dragon and get Gold diamonds!


2018. 5. 14 ~ 2018. 5. 28 (GMT+9)


1. Capture the screenshot of Lv.20 dragon and post it here! 

- Grand savior, Pudding dragon, Kinder dragon

2. Captured screenshot must show your nickname

3. Account that upload the post must be linked with captured character



20 Gold diamonds for all participants


Reward will be presented after event is over

Account must be linked with character

Click to open the Comments window.


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