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2017-06-19 18:05:00

Just askin.

1. Is Elemental Advantage back to its original state?
2. Do you guys want tips on raising Transcendended dragons?


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  • sure.

    2017-06-20 00:12:44

  • Id love some tips about trascended dragons :)

    2017-06-19 23:19:28

  • @DJX I have 1 Guardian and 1 Lightning transcended. Lol

    2017-06-19 22:28:03

  • Elemental advantages is fixed... But a bug of advantage against the same element still exist...

    2017-06-19 21:38:11

  • Don't worry I know how tricks and trades for Transcended dragons. You should see my Transcended Angel right now. I post an image of her few days ago.

    2017-06-19 19:45:01

  • Not fully yet.. When either of the players has only one dragon left in his side, elemental advantage is not working

    2017-06-19 18:20:12

  • Q1 I hope so, though I don't have the problem anymore Q2 yesssssss:D

    2017-06-19 18:07:09