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2017-06-19 16:25:09


I just noticed that you have no capsuled/Awakened dragons. I also noticed that you have 1 lv1 capsuled God jr. You're gonna need strong awakened dragons if you're going to win in the Colosseum and rank up so here's some tips for you.


​1. Make sure you have plenty of lvl downs and a fair amount of cap/prem. level ups.

2. Use your cap/prem. lvl up to get from lvl 1 to 5- there are chances of double level up so just to be safe.

3. After this it's just simple- raise your dragon to lvl 40 keeping it's rating (6.5 or better). Use level down if you don't get a perfect/1 less HP from perfect lvl up. ​NOTE:​If you're gonna raise your capsule form only and not awakened, keep the rating as 7.0.

Tip here: Good to use cap/prem. lvl up starting from lvl 35 or else it will take too much time :)

4. When you reach lvl 40, go to the Estella Temple and select your dragon. If its rating is 6.5 or better it will become 7.0 after Awakening.


​1. Again, make sure you have a good supply of lvl downs.

2. It's the same as the previous process but this time you can only accept PERFECT LVL UPS. There will be no chance to increase the rating anymore so don't get impatient XD

3. The orbs above the dragon are Awakening upgrades (It's the Normal/High/Master elixirs). Go to the Dream realm and make them. (You need 2 Normal, 2 High and 2 Masters) You're gonna need Jewel of Dreams and black crystal aliens (Get them on Thursday castle defense) to make them. (120 per 1 normal/high, 240 per master) In total, you need 1680 black Crystal aliens to make all the upgrades you need. That may seem like a lot but you'll eventually make it if you just play regularly, collect stones, upgrade your wall... etc.

4. You're gonna need about 2 million gold to apply all these upgrades.


​Just so you know. You probably do but just posting.

If you don't get a perfect/1 less HP level up for too long (I'd say 25+attempts is considered as "Too long"), go to your device settings, then Applications. Click on DV. Click on "Storage" and then click "Clear Data". It will pester you with 'This will delete this application's data permanently... blah blah blah'. Just click on OK. You're gonna have to login again but after that, your game will be restored to its previous save point. Because of this I recommend saving after every level up. 

WARNING: ​If you want to use this trick efficiently, do NOT click on the Arena/Colosseum when you're raising your dragon. DO NOT go into places where you need internet connection- the game will save automatically.

These are my red-hot tips I guess. 

P.S. Can I call you yi?



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  • I will,of course XD I hate Sony series:P

    2017-06-19 18:08:02

  • Change to the Galaxy series. I use the S7 edge.

    2017-06-19 18:03:18

  • Also I may borrow my parents phone xP

    2017-06-19 17:58:37

  • Yea but my phone is pretty old so I *might* change my phone soon;)

    2017-06-19 17:55:49

  • I think this tip is already in knowledge by dragonyi but sad to say, she cant do it because I-phone users dont have the clear data feature on their devices. Am I right yi? But wonderful tips for AOS users and for newbies!^^

    2017-06-19 17:43:36

  • Ya I will pay lots of time after exams on dragon village;)

    2017-06-19 17:12:31

  • Thx :) Look 4ward 2 seeing ur god jr Awakened XD

    2017-06-19 17:05:39

  • Of course you can call me yi!:) thanks for your tips and I suggest you can write in the tips section to let more people read this amazing tips! Again, thx for your wonderful tips, this will help a lot!:)

    2017-06-19 16:44:11

  • Want tips on Transcended dragons?

    2017-06-19 16:25:31