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2017-06-19 11:25:16

To dragonyi

Dark Fal: Oh god where am I??
Tell me already!!
Gracia: No! You already had enough!
Dark fal:......more.....immortal!!!
Skoorum: Gosh! Hey! Come back!!
Maga: Sigma!! Where's the potion?? And where's Rudra?!
Sigma: Gskull took her and wanted her to be his wife!
*Rudra muffled scream while being gagged by angy gargoyles*
Gskull: Be right back! Keep my wife!!!
Angry gargoyle:k
Dark fal: guhh! Let meh go!
Maga: no! You're crazy!!
Dark fal: Rudra!
*Dark fal bolted through the window....*
~~~~~~~~~~3: final end~~~~~~~~
Rudra: I'm free!
??: Friends?
Xmas dragon: sure. 
??: I'm dark nix.

Dark Fal begins to be healthy. Again. Reunited with her friends.




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